Work From Anywhere in the World – How I Did It

James Conlington

Imagine if you could work from anywhere in the world. Where would choose? As long as you have an internet connection it won’t really matter. If it’s your dream to work from anywhere in the world, keep reading and find out how I did it. Internet marketing has made me a small fortune since I got into it, but that wasn’t what I first did. Many years ago I left England and travelled to South East Asia. I decided I would be an English teacher at first. I took the appropriate courses and started teaching. I liked it at first but I didn’t have the freedom that I really wanted. Being stuck in the city wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to be at the beach.

One day, searching on the internet I read how an increasing number of people were making a lot of money online from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products online and getting paid a commission. Thousands of companies online rely on affiliate marketers like myself, to send traffic to their websites. There are many ways to do it, some cost money and some you can do for free which is really cool as there is no risk involved. The best thing though has to be that you can work from anywhere in the world.

One thing all affiliate marketing techniques have in common is that you have to know what you are doing before you can start making any decent kind of money. It took me a while to realize that but when I finally decided to learn affiliate marketing and get all the techniques down properly, the money started to come. I spend most days working on my laptop now. Well, a couple of hours each day anyway! I could work more and earn a lot more, but I make enough to get by. That’s enough for me at the moment.

Because I didn’t take the time to study it properly, it took me a long time before I started making enough money to live on. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Learn about affiliate marketing and you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Go to and begin your journey to freedom.

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James Conlington

James now lives in Thailand for most of the time where he works via the internet, mainly in affiliate marketing. He spends a couple of hours each day ‘working’ on his laptop.

Having Trouble With Your Home Business – Try These Tips

Rena Williams

Life can hit you by surprise sometimes. You can suddenly be out of the job you have held for years and then feel fear and confusion about what comes next. Now may be the time to consider starting your own home based business. By following the advice in this article, you can start setting your own hours in no time at all.

When beginning your new online business, it’s critical to have a website that you can use to effectively market and sell your products. Having an online presence gives you the opportunity to target a wider audience, which can lead to an increase in sales. Use a professional service to set up your website.

Consider becoming part of a work from home business forum on the Internet. Joining a forum will give you a chance to exchange pertinent information with your business peers. You can commiserate with people who understand what you’re going through.

Implement a good SEO strategy to help your site become more readily found by your potential customers. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a solid online marketing method that can help online business owners reach more people. There are many guidelines and resources available to help you do SEO on your own.

Your website should include a banner page. If you are on good terms with other businesses in your niche, see if you can set up a reciprocal linking arrangement. This is an easy way to improve your ratings in search engines and get customers to view your page, which will help you to sell your products easily.

Decide on the selling price for your merchandise. You have to figure in the cost of the product in order to know how much you will make from selling your product. The usual price is the cost of creating your product, multiplied by two. That equals the price you should charge others to buy wholesale. Multiply your total costs by three when setting a retail price.

There are tons of home based business owners that talk online. Look around the Internet for forums or message boards where people in your business swap strategies. Useful tips for running your business may pop up in unexpected places, and the experiences of business owners that are very different from your own can still have a lot to offer when it comes to advice.

Solicit feedback about your products, website, and business. You can find this information from web searches, asking friends and family, or searching for reviews of your business online. Regardless of whether the feedback is good or bad, you can take the input to heart and make decisions about what to do next.

Make sure that you utilize search engine optimization to enhance your home based business, and use it so that you can move up the ranks with search engines. High rankings are the key to attracting potential customers to your website. Because there are differing opinions on search engine optimization, collect your information from multiple sources.

When you set up your home based business, take some time to find out about the going rates charged by similar businesses in your area. Establish your prices using the prevailing rates in your area as a guideline. Think about what you are offering, how much you feel that service is worth and set up your prices accordingly.

While reading this article, hopefully you were inspired to take your life into your own hands. You were given a lot of tips about starting a work from home business, and now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and go for it! You can keep this article for reference to read anytime you are not sure what the next step you should be taking is.

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Rena Williams

Rena Williams is a dedicated success mentor. She has a passion for assisting others in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Learn more about how she can become the prosperity change agent you deserve at

Facts About Home Based Network Marketing Businesses and the Benefits

Wilcox Perez

For many people, the internet has become the only solace for sources of income. Through certain ventures on the internet, people are able to earn money. Through affiliate marketing or multi level marketing, many people have been able to earn good money from the internet. This marketing involves promotion of certain services and goods, doing some market research or simply market surveys. There are monthly payments that will be assured as long as one can set up their network marketing business quite well.

There are several options that you can go for when looking for network marketing opportunities. In some cases you can access them free of charge. However, in other instances, you might be required to make a first payment. Some of the good companies actually do not ask you to pay any kind of fee to join. Several companies are engaged in this business and they offer opportunities for you to be engaged from within your home.

Each company offers different rates and has different packages for their customers. The payment is usually on commission basis and it varies from one company to another. The payments are made on a regular basis after a period of time stipulated by the company. On average, people who are earning from this kind of business are earning quite a lot of money. They actually earn more than people who have traditional 9-5 jobs. Many people are earning many thousand dollars on a monthly basis.

Network marketing is the sure way to make money without having to suffer the rigorous lifestyle that comes with trying to earn a lot. It can be done at home and at one’s convenience. This means that no one can impose a time table on you. It also means that you will have more time to enjoy your life and generally not live like you are living off the age.

For a long time now, many people have been curious about how they can make some really good money off the internet. It is not news that internet network marketing presents the most logical way to make money on the internet. The trouble with network marketing is that one can very easily succeed but they can also very easily fail. Some of the techniques that people use for network marketing do not offer them very good results.

For any success to be realized in network marketing there should be a good relationship between all parties involved. Having a bad relationship with anyone is bad for business and this is why people fail in network marketing. If you keep bugging your friends and family to purchase the products you are promoting you risk losing everything. Apart from the fact that they can ignore you, they will not support you because they will feel like you are a burden to them.

The other problem here is that most of your friends and family have probably heard a story or two about how someone else failed with network marketing. This will naturally drive them to be somewhat skeptical and hesitant to join your business. The trouble is that many people are actually detesting network marketing before they can even know what it is really about. Worse still, there are those who are involved in it but do not really understand what it is all about.

If they understood network marketing well, they would know that it is one of the best ways to make money. It is a very clean way one can make good money from the internet. The network marketing company does not advertise at all. Therefore whatever is saved is distributed to the various clients who do the work of distribution; these are able to earn commission on a regular basis.

Making an income online has never been easy, most people just simply do not know what to do or have a money making system in place.

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Wilcox Perez

Willox Perez is a 23 year old Internet entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the way most people make money today. He teaches simple techniques that anyone can use to put extra cash in their pockets from their homes.

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Using the Internet to Become Rich

Wilcox Perez

The days when making money was for people above 18 are long gone. Equally, the days when people worked themselves crazy just to earn some extra money are long gone. Today, with the internet, money making has become very easy.

As long as you have a computer that is connected to the internet, you can make money online. There are several ways you can make money on the internet without having to leave your home.

Taking paid surveys is one of the ways you can make money online today. Several sites offer sign up for people above 13. After signing up you begin to take surveys and get paid.

The greatest news is that you do not need to pay to become a member of these sites. The free sign up introduces you to a world of taking surveys that are paid for quite well.

After the surveys, you will get paid depending on the minimum amount of payout. Some sites do have their minimum at just $20 and this will offer you some really good ways to earn regular income over time.

You could also embark on referral programs and raffles. These are provided on some sites and offer you the chance to earn very well. You can take part and find yourself becoming rich within a short spell.

The problem of lacking money should not continue especially if you have been introduced to the idea of paid surveys. All it will take is for you to sign up and begin taking the surveys then you will start to earn big.

If you thought making money is restricted to the high paying jobs in offices, think again. Today, from the comfort of your home and through the paid surveys on the internet, you can earn much more than someone doing a white collar job in a busy office somewhere.

Need help with marketing online? Have questions? Check out our Blog at

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Wilcox Perez

Willox Perez is a 23 year old Internet entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the way most people make money today. He teaches simple techniques that anyone can use to put extra cash in their pockets from their homes.

Visit his blog as

Building A Career In Freelance Writing

Cynthia D. Fontanilla

A lot of us have heard about the possibility of earning real money from writing. If you are good in writing and have a passion for it, then you may just be able to do some freelance writing and earn good cash.

However, while some people may think that it is that easy to start off as a freelance writer, it actually takes more work to get decent jobs and start earning money.

Here are some tips for those thinking of getting into freelance writing:

1. Choose a good freelancing site.
There are many that you can find on the internet and if you Google the top ten freelancing sites, you can have access to the best sites to start with freelance writing. There are free sites and there are also paid sites so it is up to you to choose the best site for you.

2. Build your portfolio.
Many writers have neglected to save their writing projects and may have a hard time gathering writing materials for their portfolio. The best thing to do is to collect all the articles that you have done through the years. Put the links to the sites where your articles have been published. If you have done page content for websites, ask permission from the owners if you can use the site for your portfolio. Clients are more likely to hire you if they see that you have actual samples of your writing. You can also open a blog where you can post samples of your writing. Be careful not to mix your personal blog with your professional blog. It is advisable if you put together professional writing samples in your portfolio and not write-ups about your weekend with your family.

3. Take tests.
There are a number of tests in the freelancing site and these tests can help you build your credibility as a writer. For instance, there are all sorts of English tests that you can take such as a Spelling Test, Grammar Test, Writing Test, and many more. It would be impressive to see good scores on your portfolio. However, be sure to hide the low scores that you might obtain and don’t be discouraged from retaking the tests if needed.

4. Write your objective well.
A lot of writers neglect to put in much effort on their objectives. Some think that this part is reserved for introducing themselves and even make the mistake of including personal information. Your objective should reflect the reason why clients MUST hire you. It should include your skills, qualifications, and attitude towards work.

5. Apply, apply, and apply.
Many freelancers fail due to lack of perseverance or determination. Some will apply for a couple of jobs and when they aren’t hired, they get disappointed and stop trying. As they say, Rome was not built in one day. The key to building a career and staying alive in the freelancing world is to always be positive when applying for work, continue improving one’s writing skills, and to keep on applying.

Finally, do not expect rainbows and unicorns in the freelancing world. Keep in mind that there are thousands of people out there who are in the same boat as you. You would just have to stand out from the rest. Good luck!

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Cynthia D. Fontanilla

Cynthia D. Fontanilla is a freelance writer at oDesk and currently based in Baguio City, Philippines

9 Tips For A Solid Home Business That Works

Rena Williams

Here are some tips for a solid home business that works. However to many the notion seems almost too good to be true. The fact remains, you can make a home business enterprise practical and efficient if you educate yourself in good business practices. You can get off to a great start on the road to owning a home based business by reviewing the advice in this article.

9 Great Home Business Tips...

Dedicate spaces or pages for banner sharing. This will give you the ability to trade your banner links with the businesses in which you stay in contact. Having credible links on your site will improve your search engine rankings.

Being the sole proprietor of a work from home business includes being the sole financial officer of your business. Giving others access to your business finances means that you will also be responsible if they make foolish choices.

Upon opening your online business, you should begin to keep close track of any transit time related to official business. Business-related transportation costs are often tax deductible. If your business requires a lot of road time, you can save a significant amount on your taxes with driving-related deductions.

Your website should include a form inviting visitors to join your email list. This link should be placed on every page of your site, so that visitors have multiple chances to add their contact information.

Make sure that you make timely deposits in your bank account, shortly after you are paid. Make deposits every day, instead of every week. Do not leave any checks lying around; instead, make sure you deposit them. To be on the safe site, deposit checks with a human teller as opposed to using an ATM machine, just to be sure that your money gets safely deposited into your account.

If you need to “wine and dine” your clients, make sure that you deduct the cost of these meetings during tax time. In these cases, these meetings are actual business expenses. When doing this however, make sure to only do so with business associates or customers, because taking your kids to lunch and claiming a business deduction is not smiled upon by the IRS.

When generating product ideas for your home based business, start by considering products that would fill your personal needs. People are interested in purchasing items that successfully resolve an issue that they face on a daily basis. Come up with a product that solves a problem, and your business is likely to succeed.

Designate a space in your home to serve as a dedicated work area. You need to have enough room to keep everything organized. A little organization goes a long way in most home business environments, and this is the most effective option.

Enjoy a nice business trip. Unlike vacations, these trips are tax deductible in part. If you desire to have a vacation, look for a place that offer seminars or conferences in the type of business that you are in. This allows you to deduct the trip as a business expense.

A lot of people would love to work from home and run their own business. Sadly, many of these home business enthusiasts will never learn how to follow their dreams. The advice given here hopefully has given you a few ideas to help point you in the direction towards success in your business.

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Rena Williams

Rena Williams is a Network Marketer and Internet Marketer. She is passionate about making a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.

5 Tips To Keeping Yourself Motivated When Working From Home

Rena Williams

You have always heard others talk about working from home and living their dream life. So you think about it and make the decision you are going to work from home. Ah, sounds delightful doesn’t it? Those three words alone “work from home” makes you feel so important.

Have you really given it enough deep thought to really figure out just what work from home will entail? Oh yes, you might say, it’s the most popular trend going right now, everybody’s doing it these days, either full-time or part-time. Being your own boss, it must be the thing to do.

Now you are a business owner, working from home. Every chore is now on your plate and it’s up to you to get things done. You didn’t realize what big shoulders you would need to have to make it all come together just right huh? You didn’t take the time to analyze the fact that you will now be playing the role of several people instead of the one.

It won’t be as bad as it look just starting out. You need to relax for a moment and put together a plan. Don’t get me wrong there will be plenty of uphill battles, along the way. You will learn how to consistently make changes. We call this plan, do, and review.

The first plan that need to be in place is your plan to stay motivated, because their will be some downs and lows, it just comes with the territory. So finding ways to pick yourself up and keep going is very key. Here’s your starting point…

1. Determine your burning desire. What is your number one reason for even considering working from home? What is it you will like to accomplish and why is that important to you? A tip I learned from one of my earlier mentor was, if the thing you are wanting doesn’t scare you, then it’s not a big enough dream. Your dream needs to be BIG, so you can keep returning to it when your motivation need to be re-charged.

2. Have a work-out partner. When you decide to work from home you must also decide to associate with like minded people. The current of positive energy should be constantly flowing. This means you must stay around those that either know as much as you know or you are on the same wave link. It’s always good to have one or two people who you really click with, and you are comfortable confiding in them. They will need to hold you accountable for the daily activities you do and you shall do the same for them. This makes the journey a whole lot smoother.

3. Review your goals regularly. Times will come when you may need to make adjustments to your goals for one reason or another. So it’s a good idea to review them often. If you are involved in any personal development, which you should be. Chances are you might out grow your initial goals. You may find that you are somewhat off track and need to come up with a slightly different plan. This is the main reason to review your goals frequently.

4. Offer yourself incentives. When we know there’s a chance for getting a reward for something we tend to strive a bit harder at making it happen. Treat yourself to a reward of your choice whenever you accomplish even the slightest goal.

5. Finally, take mini breaks. Nothing good is ever accomplished from driving yourself in the ground with work overload. I know you want to get everything done now, but it doesn’t happen like that way. Take steps to work for at least 1 hour and perhaps take a 20 minute break. Maybe the next shift you can do one and a half hour before you take another 20 minute break. Do this throughout the day and by the end of the day you will feel more refreshed and less stressed. You will also find that you actually got a lot more done.

These five tips can help your journey down the road to success become a more pleasant venture. Remember, starting something new will always seem uncomfortable and ridiculously hard at first, but once you have a plan and a system the journey become much easier. The only thing left is to believe in your dream and more importantly, believe in yourself.

To learn more about keeping motivated and working from home, Click this link for a recommended resource by expert Rena Williams.

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Rena Williams

Rena Williams resides in Florida as a Lifestyle Mentor and a successful entrepreneur. She delights in helping many achieve great levels of success through free mentoring and guidance. Request the free tool that help change her life, by visiting