A coffeehouse/café organisation consisting of 80 flag ship locations around the world.  The unique selling opportunity (USO) is a totally unique cake/dessert style whereby all deserts are the same size to specifically fit take-away packaging or to be enjoyed in-house.

All cake and desserts are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 3mm and height of 9mm.

Stately Homes of the Desert

This venture is an stunning serviced-residential and hospitality complex based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nestled amongst eight grand stately homes of various European, Arabian, and Persian architectural styles is an indoor Olympic size swimming pool, an outdoor fully-equipped amphitheatre, covered squash and tennis court arenas, and a boating house.  These facilities will be among a landscape of sweeping lawns, meticulous designed flower gardens, an arborsculpture of wondrous topiary, and a quintessential European style pond.

Each stately home will be a serviced-residential or hotel living unit for up to a party of 30 people.

The English Residence

The ‘English Residence’ is a 18-bedroom stately home in the English Baroque style.  Included is two dining rooms, the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ grand dining room able to accommodate up to 22 guests and the moderate ‘Highgate Room’ which hosts 12 guests.

The Scottish Castle

Influenced by the romantic-looking castles of Scotland, the ‘Scottish Castle’ is a moated 12-bedroom residence situated in the middle of the central water feature of the park.

Le Château Français

A charming archetypal French Chateau complete with topped towers.

The German Citadel

A German castle build to resemble the Romanesque Revival period. This is a 12-bedroom establishment with thermal bath.

La Villa Italiana

Formal looking and functional early Roman style Italian villa.

The Spanish Alcázar

Complementing the Spanish and Portugal and Arabian mix of architectural designs the ‘Spanish Alcázar’ is a  20-bedroom grand accommodation.

The Moroccan Gate

An typical Arabian style residence with its own hidden courtyard garden.

The Persian Household

Drawing on the architectural and arboreal influences of Eram Gardens, Iran, the ‘Persian Household’…

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