#30532-1 Lloyd Turbo Go-Kart Polybag

A new ‘Ninjago : Sons of Garmadon’ go-kart specially for Lloyd in green, of course.  This is the first ‘go-kart’ for Ninjago characters, so maybe we will be getting more go-karts for other characters.


There are two minibuilds with this polybag, comprising Lloyd, and his sword carrying go-kart:

#030.532.0100 Lloyd in Black Kimono (Sons of Garmadon)


#030.532.0100 is Lloyd in a Black Kimono with Black Ninja Wrap and Green Bandanna, and, Black Tube Scarf .  It is a simple minifig minibuild comprising of 5 parts.

This minibuild (minifig) is themed as ‘Minifig > Ninja’.  It’s universe is ‘Ninjago > Sons of Garmadon’.

Since the instructions do not wield Lloyd with any weapons, rather the Lloyd’s weapons are at hand from his go-kart, a minibuild minifig weapon combination is not cataloged here.

Bricklink has this minibuild available as minifig #njo425.

#030.532.0200 Lloyd’s Turbo Go-Kart


The other minibuild is Lloyd’s Turbo Go-Kart, a 4-stud wide and 4-stud wheelbase go-kart form vehicle. It comes in green with pearl gold bull-horns and lime tail wings and spoiler.  There are four weapons (two sai, and two  shamshirs/katana) on attachment on both sides of the go-kart.

This minibuild is made of 61 parts.  Themed in the catalog as ‘Vehicle > Go-Kart’, and universed as ‘Ninjago > Sons of Garmadon’.

As always, if you see another minibuild opportunity in this set or you agree/disagree with the decisions made please comment below for a healthy discussion.



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