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Blessed are we living in a democracy
Blessed are we living in a democracy
See:I'm part of a democracy

Monday, 5 March 2012
by Tav

On Wednesday Wyre Forest District Council are organising the inaugural ‘State of the District’ (otherwise known as State of the Area Debate). This is a public event open to businesses, public, ‘partners’ and stakeholders’, and hopefully it will an annual event. It is to be based on the ‘Question Time’ format, but for this to work questions are needed. Luckily questions can be submitted before and during the event. You can submit questions and ideas with via email to the council Regeneration Team; tweet the council @WyreForestDC with the hash tag #wfsota; or even, post on the council Facebook page. However, since I wholly approve of this event, I will offer my help. If you have a question or idea then you can also submit it here on this blog on the ‘Agenda. I will happily transfer it over to the council.

Questions/ideas so far submitted via twitter have been:

29 Feb 2012
What's happening with Crown House, Kidderminster? All the tenants have gone. [Is it to be] ...knocked down or [developed into the] 'Crown Hotel'?

Michael de Groot
1 Mar 2012
Who will decide on the priorities of spending for regeneration and will other services suffer?

Michael de Groot
1 Mar 2012
The digital world is big and growing very fast, why can't we build a digital city here?

Ian Miller
2 Mar 2012
[Will the] ...local development order... [on south Kidderminster] boost the economy?

The confirmed panel members are:

Mike Aston, Unelected Chief Executive of Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

Andy Dobson, Principal of Kidderminster College

Tony Bray, Unelected Area Director BIS West Midlands (Advantage West Midlands)

Lindsey Richards, Health of Place Making (seriously), Homes & Communities Agency

John Campion, Unelected Leader of Wyre Forest District Council

Clive Joyce (Chair), Editor of The Shuttle

So now you are in the ‘know’, you should be ready to submit questions/ideas...

#wfsota on Twitter
Johnston-Hubbold, Suzanne (2012); 'Question Time Event'; WFDC, 17 February 2012 11:35
Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce
Kidderminster College
BIS West Midlands
Advantage West Midlands
Homes & Communities Agency
Wyre Forest District Council
The Shuttle
Anon. (2012); 'More experts join Wyre Forest regeneration question time panel'; The Shuttle, 22 February 2012 8:10am
Doyle, Jane (2012); 'More Experts Join the Panel for Wyre Forest's Question Time Debate'; WFDC , 21 February 2012 17:04


State of the District | Twitter

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Recent Comments:

30 Mar 2012
Jon D
It's all kicking off in Blighty Tav. The government have caused a petrol strike without a strike actually taking place, so all the petrol in Wyre Forest has run dry. The Upper Class village of Broadway is getting a £200,000 grant for an Ashmolean Museum...
See: Petrol Panic!

30 Mar 2012
The Mad Ranter
I'll be attending, just out of curiosity though how much advertising was done outside the immediate local? This still doesn't feature on the WFDC events page nor the Shuttle's.
What we want is people from Brum or Dudley to look at the great...
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Stephen Brown
What sounds great? The event or the fact that Tav has over 10,000 miles between him and Stourport?
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Sounds great.
See: Un mercato!

29 Mar 2012
Wow, wow, wow, this is fantastic!
I wish I could attend but there are 10,300 miles in the way! (16,500Km actually _ they use kilometres down here!)
See: Un mercato!

24 Mar 2012
The Civic
Back in November the 'Agenda was discussing a street market for Stourport. I know the 'Stourport Market' blog has been quiet since November - but I wondered if I could make a quick plug for something which is commented on in...
See: Stourport Market

18 Mar 2012
Yeah Barry, see you on the veranda, get me a stubbie' of VB ready.
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Barry Humphries
So it's this week you leave Tav?
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Hope you have good life down under.
I am sponsoring bunny with longest ears!
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
The Kidderminster Echo
I'm not a student... far from it. I'm stealth...
See: Kidderminster Echo