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Blessed are we living in a democracy
Blessed are we living in a democracy
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Monday, 10 October 2011
Paid in full
by Tav

At last the 'September spending figures' have been published! So the question on everyone's lips is where is 'Baker Associates'? No not in here. How about Roger Tym & Partners ? No not here. Arr, how about 'Peter Brett Associates'? Yes here we are…

Supplier ID: 50799
Supplier: Peter Brett Associates LLP
Directorate: Planning & Regulatory
Cost Centre: Planning Policy Formulation
Account Code: District Local Development Framework preparation
Amount (ex. VAT): £8,775.00
Pay Run Date: 12 September 2011
Transaction Number: 70004880

So we have paid an instalment of £8,775.00 to Peter Brett Associates for the Travellers Sites report. Only another £8,725.000 instalment to go. No wonder they didn't turn up at the Scrutiny meeting, they were already paid.

Should we pay the second instalment?

Bakers Associates
Expenditure over £500 - September 2011, WFDC


Stephen Brown
11 Oct 2011
Pay them any more for a duff report? I think not!
What's more, we should ask for what has already paid to be repaid.
The report was sub-standard and therefore not worth the money.
I still await a response from the council to my FOI on the details of how and why they were engaged and what the brief was.
If it does not come I will contact the information commissioner.
If it does come and the council has been at fault in its procurement, they should be held accountable for wasting taxpayers money.
If due diligence has been taken by the council and we still have a duff report, then we should ask the council to reclaim the money and get back any sums already paid. If the money is pad irrespective of how duff reports are, what incentives are there for the company to do better next time. Otherwise it's money for old rope.

Nigel Addison
12 Oct 2011
Sorry but on what evidence is it a duff report?

Stephen Brown
12 Oct 2011
You might want to refer to this.
You might want to recollect the article on the 'redundant' farm that wasn't.
Kind of undermines any notion of reliability ... duff

12 Oct 2011
@Nigel: Two more points after those that Stephen has pointed out. [1] The report states they contacted parish councils, when the parish councils are telling us they weren't; [2] You would have thought a comprehensive report on Travellers Site would have included the un-used official Travellers Site near the new Travelodge wouldn't you?

Helen Dyke
12 Oct 2011
@Tav: Can you please give the location of this unused Travelodge you refer to.

12 Oct 2011
@Helen: It is unused because it hasn't been built yet. The location is Park Lane, next to the Watermill pub, the planning application number is 10/0523/FULL.
Aren't you going to ask about the unused 'Round Hill Travellers Site'?

Fran Oborski
12 Oct 2011
The point is being missed. The Report is not duff it was the brief they were given which was duff.
The non redundant farm is owned by the Council.
All publicly owned apparently vacant /developable land was included, hence Sion Hill over which I don't think there was discussion with Worcestershire County Council.

Neil Harman
12 Oct 2011
Someone still got something wrong Fran. Brief/content, whatever, the report is flawed.

12 Oct 2011
@Fran: Scrutiny didn't scrutinise Bakers Associates even though some Councillors on the floor said and proved the report was flawed. They accepted it. The public and (surprisingly) the Tory Cabal agree that the report is flawed, but the only difference is the Tory Cabal showed their true colours and shamed the Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Tory councillors and Tory supporters by turning a sensitive subject even more precarious by making it political.

@Fran: What about 'Round Hill Travellers Site'?

Jonathan Cooper
12 Oct 2011
Just another link to the ever growing "stink-chain".

Neil Harman
12 Oct 2011
Er, what happened at planning last night Jonathan?

I have a feeling why the local media stay away from it.  Not saying anything more than perhaps not wishing to damage advertiser income, much of which is syndicated, along with greater internal support toward the cabal than one would hope for.  The latter is not my theory in isolation, but in discussion with many others locally, including some councillors.

The paper's resources will be also be a major factor ie. not enough staff, no overtime to actually cover council meetings or carry out the investigative journalism of old on the streets once in a while.  I feel for them, but also wish the news would be reported and analysed rather than parroted from press releases, letters and other publications.

13 Oct 2011
Dag' nagit'! I had a feeling in my water that something would go down at the Planning meeting last night. Monday I worked late, and Tuesday I was baby-sitting.

Stephen Brown
12 Oct 2011
Yes, what did happen at planning last night?

Helen Dyke
12 Oct 2011
The press were at Planning Committee last night, 2 representatives attended.

Jonathan Cooper
13 Oct 2011
Helen Dyke: "The press were at Planning Committee last night, two representatives attended".
Well that is good news. I can only hope that the planning meeting will be reported on fully in the next edition of The Shuttle or The Chronicle.


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Recent Comments:

30 Mar 2012
Jon D
It's all kicking off in Blighty Tav. The government have caused a petrol strike without a strike actually taking place, so all the petrol in Wyre Forest has run dry. The Upper Class village of Broadway is getting a £200,000 grant for an Ashmolean Museum...
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30 Mar 2012
The Mad Ranter
I'll be attending, just out of curiosity though how much advertising was done outside the immediate local? This still doesn't feature on the WFDC events page nor the Shuttle's.
What we want is people from Brum or Dudley to look at the great...
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Stephen Brown
What sounds great? The event or the fact that Tav has over 10,000 miles between him and Stourport?
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Sounds great.
See: Un mercato!

29 Mar 2012
Wow, wow, wow, this is fantastic!
I wish I could attend but there are 10,300 miles in the way! (16,500Km actually _ they use kilometres down here!)
See: Un mercato!

24 Mar 2012
The Civic
Back in November the 'Agenda was discussing a street market for Stourport. I know the 'Stourport Market' blog has been quiet since November - but I wondered if I could make a quick plug for something which is commented on in...
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18 Mar 2012
Yeah Barry, see you on the veranda, get me a stubbie' of VB ready.
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Barry Humphries
So it's this week you leave Tav?
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Hope you have good life down under.
I am sponsoring bunny with longest ears!
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
The Kidderminster Echo
I'm not a student... far from it. I'm stealth...
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