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Blessed are we living in a democracy
Blessed are we living in a democracy
See:I'm part of a democracy

Friday, 4 July 2008
Have a drink on me
by Tav

Would you believe it, a 'What & Where Quiz', remember those?

What and where is this?

The "Old" Old Bear, Kidderminster [Terry Merrick]

Oh and remember that 'before and after' thing we did with the Swan Centre, the canal in Stourport and Kidderminster Town Hall. Let's see if we can do it with this _ who will be the first to provide a modern day equivalent of this photo. We have light evenings; I might just go down on an evening after work.

The "Old" Old Bear, Kidderminster, Flickr


What & Where Quizzes


Patricia Cartwright
5 July 2008
Is it the Greyhound public house, now replaced by Jackson's?

5 July 2008
Sorry, its not the Greyhound/Jackson's. Wasn't Jackson's previously called 'The Bull & Bush'?

I'll give a clue after the next guess.

Kevin Bridgewater
7 July 2008
It's The Old Bear public house.

7 July 2008
Yes, we have a winner. It is the Old Bear in Kidderminster. Now I'll just have to get that modern day photo...


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Recent Comments:

30 Mar 2012
Jon D
It's all kicking off in Blighty Tav. The government have caused a petrol strike without a strike actually taking place, so all the petrol in Wyre Forest has run dry. The Upper Class village of Broadway is getting a £200,000 grant for an Ashmolean Museum...
See: Petrol Panic!

30 Mar 2012
The Mad Ranter
I'll be attending, just out of curiosity though how much advertising was done outside the immediate local? This still doesn't feature on the WFDC events page nor the Shuttle's.
What we want is people from Brum or Dudley to look at the great...
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Stephen Brown
What sounds great? The event or the fact that Tav has over 10,000 miles between him and Stourport?
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Sounds great.
See: Un mercato!

29 Mar 2012
Wow, wow, wow, this is fantastic!
I wish I could attend but there are 10,300 miles in the way! (16,500Km actually _ they use kilometres down here!)
See: Un mercato!

24 Mar 2012
The Civic
Back in November the 'Agenda was discussing a street market for Stourport. I know the 'Stourport Market' blog has been quiet since November - but I wondered if I could make a quick plug for something which is commented on in...
See: Stourport Market

18 Mar 2012
Yeah Barry, see you on the veranda, get me a stubbie' of VB ready.
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Barry Humphries
So it's this week you leave Tav?
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Hope you have good life down under.
I am sponsoring bunny with longest ears!
See: Rabbit Show

18 Mar 2012
The Kidderminster Echo
I'm not a student... far from it. I'm stealth...
See: Kidderminster Echo