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Blessed are we living in a democracy
Blessed are we living in a democracy
See:I'm part of a democracy

Friday, 16 March 2007
Now we know
by Tav

It's odd, I've have a week of travelling around the Midlands for work (which is out of the ordinary), loads of 'family' and 'house' commitments seemed to have congregated into this week and even though I've left the 'agenda simmer for a while my name's being mention here there and everywhere.

If you are reading John, thanks for your blog 'TAVIS PITT'. It's filled me with mixed emotions, I'm a little disappointed that you're a little disappointed, I'm flattered that you think thought I was the man-on-the-street, and I'm also amused because I was left wandering what would happen when you read the nomination papers.

I seconded the candidature of Graham Ballinger for two sound reasons, first I believe he is the right man for the job, and second, on a personal level, Graham has always been supportive of me. For instance he came back to me with County Council statistics and information on the Birmingham Road crossing and the maintenance of trees in the County. This was after a very brief chat we had a few days before. Graham didn't have to do this, I didn't expect or ask him to, but he went out of his way to do it. He obviously understood what I cared about and did something about it. I would want that type of dedication for the whole of St. Chad's, wouldn't you?

As far a being a Liberal supporter _ well I haven't joined the Liberal Party1, 2. I agree with most of their beliefs and proposals (such as most of their Budget proposals), but I also disagree with other beliefs and decisions, such as the 'big depot'. You see it is this mishmash that I detest more than the parties themselves. I'll tolerate a political party that follows a strong 'ism' because you know the mishmash will be handled in defined manner. Fran explained that the Liberals and Liberal Democrats are "votes for Liberalism", well I'm curious at that. Liberalism like most 'ism's are based on the relationship with the state and the individual. I believe Liberalism is where 'the individual has freedom to do anything within the law, and if you want help from the state you just ask'. In reality and in simplistic terms it's a group of people voting on polices at an annual assembly. A bit boring and hardly radical.

However, let's not stop there...
Communismthe state controls everything and the individual ceases to become individual
Socialismthe state helps individuals who need help and individuals that don't need help help the state
Capitalismthe state keeps out of the individual's way
Federalismthe state is split into controllable chunks and so closer and more accountable to the individual
Referendum-ism the individual controls the state

None of the parties on offer for the St. Chad's electorate are any of these ism's. Old Labour was more socialist than New Labour. The Conservatives or Conservatism is just another group voting on policies as can be seen with David Cameron switching from one campaign to another. Health Concern was looking promising, perhaps stepping into referendum-ism, but I don't believe they promote the 'Kidderminster Effect' powerfully enough, eg. West Tyrone.

1 I supposed then I'm not breaking any protocol!
Fran is correct in her assumption, I am not a member of any political party.

Campion, John (2007); 'TAVIS PITT'; Wyre Forest Conservatives Blog, 15 March 2007
Obosrki, Fran (2007a); 'PLEASE CALM DOWN! CLLR CAMPION!'; Wyre Forest Liberals, 16 March 2007 18:12
Obosrki, Fran (2007b); 'PARTIES TO CO-OPERATE TO ENSURE MAXIMUM SPREAD OF CANDIDATES.'; Wyre Forest Liberals, 13 March 2007 11:59




Fran Oborski
17 Mar 2007
I'd welcome a chat with you about your objections to a "big depot" Tav!

18 Mar 2007
I look forward to it.

Howard Martin
17 Mar 2007
I found Tav's rationale for nominating Graham as Liberal candidate for St. Chad's interesting but rather perverse. Many of us have respected Tav and his site because he has never shown any political bias - that is now blown away because bias will clearly exist in the eyes of those who read this site. Bad judgement? Maybe - but Graham would have been nominated without Tav's signature so why come out of the closet and be seen to be supporting one specific candidate?

18 Mar 2007
I underestimated the influence of the 'agenda. First there is Anonymous asking for the WFA's position, to which I would say this is not an institution or policy group more a tool for free debate. Then there is John Campion's 'TAVIS PITT' blog, now with added analysis; a WFL comment suggesting I'm the next Liberal candidate for Offmore; and now another candidate thinks I'm perverse! I don't know perhaps its election fever.

I thought a cornerstone of democracy and justice was to be judged by your peers and, whatever the reason, how can that be perverse. For me this has been a little different from the norm, I admit, but I signed the nominations papers for Graham and I've written a commendation for Graham. That's it, deal with it.

Howard Martin
17 Mar 2007
With regard to "isms" and Health Concern not building on the Kidderminster Effect. In fact we are in contact with many similar groups throughout the UK with advice and support and are becoming much more than a local party - however it takes time. We know we became a local force though "revolution" and, in the early years we didn't evolve. We have spent the last 2 years rebuilding and establishing proper foundations and our evolution is almost complete - the "powerful" promotion of the Kiddie Effect is just round the corner!

Our "ism" is Bottom-up-ism which means that our members represent the collective views of their community for the benefit of that community - almost referendum-ism but not so rigid.

We do have a manifesto and have published it several times, despite what other parties would have you believe, but it is a series of broad aims rather than rigid policies.

I could never be a member of a main stream party because I want to think for myself and act for the benefit of those I represent - not for the greater glorification of a political party before all else.

Health Concern members all respect our main aims but are free to act independently on specific issues. That is why we have become a real alternative to traditional party politics in Wyre Forest and why our support is growing again.

I thought that independent approach was the ethos that Tav followed - clearly I was wrong.

Fran Oborski
18 Mar 2007
Gladstone defined Conservatism as "Fear of the people, tempered by mistrust" and Liberalism as "Trust of the people, tempered by reason!"

Liberals believe that all decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level, as near to the individual concerned as possible so that::

What affects us alone, we decide ONLY for ourselves;
What affects our family ALONE we should decide as a family;
What affects our neighbourhood ALONE, we should decide as a neighbourhood (Parish);
What affects our town ALONE we should decide as a Town;
What affects our District ALONE, we should decide as a District;
What affects our County ALONE we should decide as a County;
What affects our Region ALONE, we should decide as a Region;
What affects our Nation ALONE we should decide as a Nation;
What affects the UK ALONE, we should decide as the UK;
This is called subsidiarity.
If properly applied in this country it would cover the "West Lothian" question. I.E. Scottish MPs would NOT be able to vote on matters which affected ONLY English or English and Welsh Constituencies.
It would also lead to a "Europe of the Regions".
It is also far better thought out than Health Concern's "bottom up approach" as it defines the communities which take decisions.
Interestingly when Poland became free of Communism and had to set up democratic structures in the 1990s their system of Local Government was based on subsidiarity.
Also when, post 1945, the British Government was involved in setting up the Democratic system in the then WEst German State (FDR) we gave them a system based on subsidiarity and regionalism/federalism which we NEVER gave ourselves.

There is a very great danger in "Referenda". You must NOT underestimate the malign power and influence of the press.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has its own agenda which is NOT democracy.
A cool headed examination of Britain's membership of the EU would prove its economic advantage to us as a Nation and to Europe as a power for peace. However, a referendum would be manipulated and spun by the lies peddled in the Murdoch press and The Daily Mail and would probably lead to a vote to withdraw.
br> Similarly a Referendum on Capital Punishment would probably lead to a vote to reinstate the Death Penalty!

What would help Democracy would be two fundamental changes:
Proportional Representation via Single Transferable Vote so that every vote counts! (As now used in Northern Ireland) and Compulsory voting but with an option to vote for "None of the Above".
It is frankly shameful that so few people bother to vote in this country, probably because of the feeling that they cannot influence events. PR would go along way to helping to redress the balance but we must remember that Margaret Thatcher's Brand of Conservatism with her strident "There is No Such Thing as Society" was responsible for a lot of the social ills from which this Country now suffers!

19 Mar 2007
So apparently as an 'independent' you're not allowed to side with any party regardless of how good you think their policies are at the moment. Does this mean as a Conservative Cllr. Campion automatically votes against any proposals initiated by Labour or Liberal councillors? I can see the blog lines now "Cllr Campion votes for Labour proposal - traitor".

The point of independence is that you can side with anyone or with no-one as and when you choose to. In this case Tavis sided with Graham, no doubt he had his reasons and no doubt if Graham fails to fulfil those points he'll cease to support him and explain why.


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Recent Comments:

30 Mar 2012
Jon D
It's all kicking off in Blighty Tav. The government have caused a petrol strike without a strike actually taking place, so all the petrol in Wyre Forest has run dry. The Upper Class village of Broadway is getting a £200,000 grant for an Ashmolean Museum...
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30 Mar 2012
The Mad Ranter
I'll be attending, just out of curiosity though how much advertising was done outside the immediate local? This still doesn't feature on the WFDC events page nor the Shuttle's.
What we want is people from Brum or Dudley to look at the great...
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30 Mar 2012
Stephen Brown
What sounds great? The event or the fact that Tav has over 10,000 miles between him and Stourport?
See: Un mercato!

30 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Sounds great.
See: Un mercato!

29 Mar 2012
Wow, wow, wow, this is fantastic!
I wish I could attend but there are 10,300 miles in the way! (16,500Km actually _ they use kilometres down here!)
See: Un mercato!

24 Mar 2012
The Civic
Back in November the 'Agenda was discussing a street market for Stourport. I know the 'Stourport Market' blog has been quiet since November - but I wondered if I could make a quick plug for something which is commented on in...
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18 Mar 2012
Yeah Barry, see you on the veranda, get me a stubbie' of VB ready.
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18 Mar 2012
Barry Humphries
So it's this week you leave Tav?
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18 Mar 2012
Wyre Forest Liberals
Fran Oborski [@cllrfranoborski]
Fran Oborski
Hope you have good life down under.
I am sponsoring bunny with longest ears!
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18 Mar 2012
The Kidderminster Echo
I'm not a student... far from it. I'm stealth...
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